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Board of Trustees

The Barstow Community College District is governed by a five-member locally elected Board of Trustees and a student member. The trustees are elected from five designated trustee areas (A-E) by the voters in even-numbered years to serve four-year terms. The Board of Trustees is responsible for adopting policies that direct all activities relating to conducting the business of the district. The Superintendent/President, the district’s chief executive officer, is responsible for carrying out policies approved by the Board of Trustees.

Trustee Area Maps (A-E) – Board Approved 2/16/2022

Trustee Area Maps (A-E) – Board Approved 2/16/2022 (Virtual Map)

Paul Wilkey
Student Trustee
Yolanda Minor
Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre
John Gregg

Board Members / Title 

Area A – Yolanda Minor - Member (County Representative)

Area B – Fernando (Fred) Baca – Board Secretary, Foundation Representative

Area C – Paul Wilkey – Board President

Area D – Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre – Board Vice President (alternate Foundation Representative)

Area E – John Gregg – Member

Student Member 

Valerie Pamphile

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Barstow, CA 92311 
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